Friday, December 7, 2007


Months of non-stop work have finally paid off and InDigest is a real magazine now. if you haven't been to the site yet you should check it out, Issue one came out on Monday. It's kind of amazing to hear all of the great feedback we've been getting and see that people are actually reading our magazine (or ezine, I guess). It's an interesting experience. I'm pretty proud of the magazine so far, and think that our editing team is pretty amazing, everyone worked really hard over the last couple of months to get it out. (there are a couple of photos that originally appeared here that are in the narratives section of Issue One)

Special thanks needs to be appointed to a couple people who've been really helpful along the way, Alex Lemon ( is great and you should read his new book of poetry, Mosquito, Ashleigh Lambert, Dan Wieken, and many others have helped out a ton, have things in the first issue and are generally good people. So if you get a chance check out the site, let us know what you think, good, bad or otherwise and check back, the next issue is out in a little over a week. And if you live in the Twin Cities you should come to our release party in the Clown Lounge of the turf Club on Sunday (Dec. 9th).