Sunday, July 20, 2008

Mystery Science Theater of the Mind

This is probably my new favorite stencil. How awesome.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Uptown Update Update

So, Jay Gabler over at TC Daily Planet informed me that the raccoon at the gas station is actually the logo of the Urban Bean coffee shop in Uptown. That's so gangster.

Uptown Update

You've been warned.

This is a fantastic stencil.

This sticker is like a fine wine, it got better with age.

I feel like this sticker must be a logo for something, but I have no idea what (let me know if you know). But this is somewhat sad, I found this on a gas pump at the SA on Lyndale and 22nd, but fuck it. I thought it was well placed, and I like it.

I wonder if this was done by the owner of the garage. A lot of passion here. (ho)

So, these have been around forever, and there are a ton of them along 94, but I've always really enjoyed these paint spills down the barriers along 94 in Minneapolis. So, instead of putting out the effort and taking "good" photos of these I took a picture out of a moving car...

So this isn't really street art, or maybe it is, but I didn't actually touch this, I found this little fella sitting outside my front door one morning.

Till next time.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

InDigest Issue Six

Issue 6 has arrived, finally, and it's a grand one. We've got all sorts of new content up. New poetry from Canadian poet Ryan Bird. New in the narratives section is an excerpt from Frederick Lane's new book The Court & the Cross. The book focuses on the influence of the religious right in American politics and the often-tenuous relationship that has developed between organized religion in America and the legal system.

Donald Van Auken presents a series of paintings focusing on an imaginary circus full of odd dark characters.

In Erratica there are is a new column from Ashleigh Lambert and Bedside Stacks, reviewing the new novel from Tom McCarthy Remainder, and the newest Susanna Moore novel The Big Girls. The new Is That Cowardly? takes a look at the new collection from poet Dorthea Lasky titled Awe. Also in Erratica is a piece but occasional contributor Charles Greene covering the global celebration of James Joyce's Ulysses called Bloomsday.

Keep checking back as there will be more updates this month, a new column, some interviews and some new music from some of our favorite artists.

As always, thanks for reading.